Glasul stramosilor: Alexandru Cercel

Am auzit de Alexandru Cercel, dar niciodata n-am ascultat vreo melodie a sa. Asta probabil si din lipsa de promovare a caselor de discuri romanesti. Povestea acestui mare lautar a fost reinviata de catre cei de la Jurnalul National in ediat de Muzica de Colectie.

Alexandru Cercel se trage dintr-o familie cu traditii in lautarie. A invatat muzica de la tatal sau care canta pe la nunti. Alexandru Cercel a inceput de mic sa studieze vioara, iar ulterior mergea cu tatal sau si canta la mesele nuntasilor. A inregistrat aproape 150 de piese, dintre care cele mai cunosute sunt: “Vara, vara, primavara”, “Lie, lie, ciocarlie” si “Chira Chiralina”. Acestea au fost inregistrate in anul 1957, cand Alexandru Cercel avea 74 de ani.

Alexandru Cercel

Albumul Muzica de Colectie, contine 17 melodii cantate de Alexandru Cercel in colaborare cu Ion Cercel (fiul), Ion Nitoi si Ion Stefanita. Muzica lui Alexandru Cercel se inscrie in muzica secolului XIX. Este putin diferita de cea cantata de lautarii anilor ’70, dar este la fel de melodioasa si de interesanta. Sa auzim de bine!

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  1. Thanks! If you need to know something you can ask me, because I speak English:)

  2. Is it possible to order this CD from someplace? I have seen the article at the Jurnalul National but no place says how one can buy this CD. Good recordings of suh early rural Lautari are very rare…

    Great blog on a great subject. I always look forward to new posts.

  3. For Zaelic:

    The problem is this CD was released in a limited number of copies. It was sold with the newspaper Jurnalul National. It can’t be found in music stores.

    I think you should contact Jurnalul National to find if they have more CDs.

    Best regards,

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