Lautarii din Polonia

“Lautari – from “leute” – lute – is the name given to musicians who originated as household slaves in the areas of what is today Romania and Moldavia until the abolishment of serfdom in the 1860s. They were household servants, first for Greek and Turkish masters, and later at Romanian and Hungarian manors and monasteries. The greater part of them were Gypsies, who after the abolition of serfdom and the enfranchisement of the former serfs fused into rural societies and settled mostly in Wallachia. There they created close, homogeneous communities, where they cultivated their musical traditions.”

Surfand pe net am gasit o pagina din care am selectat fragmentul de mai sus. LautarAm luat in limba engleza, ca poloneza nu ma incalzeste deloc. E frumos ca se mai scrie despre noi si in sensul pozitiv. Se pare ca muzica lautareasca este considerata o muzica de buna calitate si in afara. Sa auzim de bine!

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